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Labs & Workshops

Labs & Workshops

The college has a well-equipped workshop where students learn about basic manufacturing methods. Every student prepares jobs in all the shops with his/her own hands under the guidance of experienced faculty and technicians. The workshop has the following sections:
Machine Shop
Foundry Shop
Welding Shop
Fitting Shop
Sheet Metal Shop
Robotics Workshop
CADD Tools
Electrical and Electronics Workshop

Physics Laboratory
The institute has a well-equipped spacious and ventilated Physics laboratory with state of the art instruments conforming with the latest technology which caters to the requirements of experiments to be performed. It has a proper dark room to conduct the prescribed experiments related to “OPTICS”.

Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry lab has a capacity of 30 students to work at a time. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipments and each student is provided with a separate gas burner, burette and pipette (for titration experiments) at his/her table.

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